Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If the Shoe Fits!

I remember growing up and going into my moms closet and loving her shoes. She had all these great boxes of dress shoes. She still loves shoes although I think her collection contains more flip flops then dress shoes these days. I love shoes but rarely buy myself anything that isn't practical. I did recently purchase some of the awesome nude/tan color ones that I loved, but who am I kidding they are still practical! So I have always wanted though a pair of impractical red shoes. Not just any but shiny red shoes with a heel!

Since moving, I have made great friends with Michelle. Our families love hanging out and she is also a deal finder. The other night, while at the Rangers game with their family, we were talking about my desire to get some shiny red dress shoes. She showed me a pair on JCPenny's website and I liked them. I told her if she was ever out and found a pair to call me :) Conversation (kind of) forgotten!

Today, I get a call and I can't answer it. Then comes a text! Found red shoes what size are you? So I call her back. Yes pick them up and I will pay you back. A few hours later she comes in with two large bags...all with shoes she picked up for me!!! Would you believe finding $65 shoes for only $5! Even my hubby thought it was a great deal! Seriously check out this stack of shoes...just begging for me to put them away in my new walk-in closet. Wonder if I could convince Trent to move his shoes somewhere else for my new lovelies.

I couldn't believe it when I saw them and she said she just knew my style and couldn't resist! So today I am thankful for Michelle who found a great deal AND knows my style. So here it is my parade of awesomeness! I am going to the beach in Florida next week...not sure which pairs will be making the trip now! Also, the pictures aren't the best but they were taken with my iphone LOL. I really need to keep our nice camera out so I can use it more! So there aren't picks of all of them on my feet but here is the whole line up...plus a few closeups...and one final line up! :)

Red Shoes that started it all
My Favorites...I am totally in love! So in love in fact you get to see them a few times LOL
Not on my feet...yep they are awesome!
Flower details

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As the saying goes...if the shoe fits buy it in every color! Or if you find a sale buy every style!


  1. WOW! These shoes are just too adorable! Where did she find them?

  2. I am so jealous! I have a pair of unpractical shoes that I want so bad! My dream pair is shiny purple heals :) I love your new collection!

  3. @Marina - they were at JCPenney
    @AImee - oooohhh Purple heels...maybe that should be next on my list!

  4. Oh my goodness those are some cute shoes! If the green ones go missing they aren't at my house! ;)

    p.s. I started following you when you first started your blog, but haven't been online a lot lately because of issues with my left hand. (In a nutshell, after round two of xrays the Ortho doctor thinks I injured a bone when I had a bad fall last summer. Got a steroid shot and he may send me for nerve studies. If necessary, I might have to have surgery, too.) Anyway, love your new blog! It's totally cute and totally you! I'm hoping to be able to dust mine off in the (hopefully near) future and start actually using it again. Here's hoping!

  5. OMGoodness! What a wonderful lineup of NEW shoes! You are sooooo lucky!!!!!!

  6. awesome! they all do totally look like you!

  7. You know what I think is so cool about this? That you have a friend like that, so soon. I mean, shoes are awesome, but friends you GET you right away are priceless. So happy for you!