Thursday, September 1, 2011

Death...I hate it!

This morning, as I did my usual FB check in, I was reading the status of a friend and read some heartbreaking news. Cathy, a young teen from our previous church, passed away last night. Boo had gone to school with her and had raised money for her medical bills last year. She has prayed for her and I knew that it was one of those dreaded Mommy moments I was now facing.

Cathy has been battling cancer for a few years now. She was always so brave and even continued doing her schoolwork while at the hospital. She would video conference into the school everyday so she could still be a part of her class.

Since we left a few months ago, we haven't really heard much about her, so it was kind of shocking to wake up to that.

After waking Boo up I let her know that Cathy had died. The look on her face was so hard as a mom to see. She started crying and asking why...she is a teenager. She has begged me to go back for the funeral, but I don't see a 3 day trip in our budget or schedule. I will probably go onto a florist site and let her pick out something to send the family or find a place to donate to in her honor.

Death is one of those things that even as adults we struggle with. Boo has had 3 grandparents die since she was born, but she didn't really know them. This was the first person she really knew that has died.

As a Christian, it is slightly easier to deal with this. We have the hope of Heaven. I reminded her that one day we would see her again.  But the Why question is still sometimes hard to explain. We know we live in a sinful world. We know the Devil is attacking us. But it still is hard to explain.

I am trying to just let her cry when she needs too. If she needs to talk with me, I am here for her. I may take her out somewhere today for some one on one time. I know that in our lifetimes this conversation will happen again. We will all go through grieving processes and as a parent all I can do is to hug them,  let them cry, and be there to help them try to make sense of it all.

To Cathy's parents my heart aches for you. To everyone else...go hug your kids! Love on them. Take time today to do something special just with them. We already know they are kids for only a short time...enjoy each moment!

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