Friday, September 2, 2011

Home Project: Backyard Oasis #1

Every since we got married, I have had this weird dream to have this incredible backyard oasis. I have bought gardening books, plants, never really came together :(. I tried...I really, really did. Just the properties never seemed to want to work with me.

However because of this distance between our last home property and this one they haven't had time to talk and conspire against me (HAHAHAHA) so I am going to sneak up and attack it :).  The first step after having read my books for so many years is to decide what you want to use your backyard for. Thats an easy one...I want an oasis. A place to eat, relax, pick flowers and dream the day away...when I have nothing else I want to do (as if my addiction to Pinterest will ever let that happen...or my kids)

So we are going to be working on our backyard in stages. Stage 1 is the patio/terrace area. We have been blessed with a big slab which totally aids in the eating/relaxing areas. In the picture you can see the chairs and lounges we bought at Target. Nice for relaxing but not so great for the eating.

Our Slab in Backyard Oasis: Stage 1
Welcome to one of the joys of Texas living! You see patio furniture comes out in the stores at about the time I wouldn't want to use it down here...SUMMER! Seriously everyone keeps saying this summer is so different then normal, but I haven't really ever wanted to spend time outside since we moved here. If I wanted to be in 100+ degree weather, I would have my bathing suit on and be in a hot tub or sauna.

Another shot of Stage 1 - Slab improvement :)
Anyways, back to patio furniture. Well all those stores that had the lawn furniture are now prepping for Christmas (Yay) so that means great sales at the perfect time to start eating outside. So I headed over to Lowe's today after looking around the other night and me and the girls picked out a table, chairs, umbrella, torchs and pots for our patio area. We are hoping to get it set up on Sunday prepping for Labor Day. So because I want a place to record all the changes we make you get to see the backyard become my oasis (unless it gets a telegram from PA)

So the stages in my mind so far:
---WE R HERE---->Stage 1 - Slab Improvement
Stage 2 - Border Plantings (thinking these will be herbs mixed with flowers...we'll see)
Stage 2.5 - Set up Our Tool area in out building
Stage 3 - Landscaping around out building
Stage 4 - Raised bed garden
Stage 5 - Children's play area
Stage 6 - My reading/relaxing nook (this needs to involve a hammock or a comfy swing)

So this is long term planning (Daddy, you will be around for stages 3 and 5 right :) But I find having it written down helps a ton. Oh and you will never guess where I am getting a lot of my inspiration!
Pinterest! Check out my gardening boards...I will be adding more to it!

BTW...look for some crafty blog posts coming soon...and some cooking ones. I am having a get together with a new friend (hi Darcy if you read this) and we are going to craft from Pinterest this weekend YAY!

Good night for now! I will dream of Stage 7....RELAX IN BACKYARD!

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