Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

I remember I was sitting at my desk at work.
I remember I had been married for less then 6 months.
I remember that it felt to quiet in the school hallways.
I remember getting up and walking down the hallway.
I remember stopping in the religion room.
I remember the tv being on.
I remember seeing the second plane hit.
I remember calling my husband in shock.
I remember the Pentagon newsflash
I remember the prayer circle outside around the flag pole
I remember hearing about a 4th plan possibly headed to the mountain behind us
I remember the fear that it could hit us
I remember being so happy to be able to hug my husband.
I remember the tears
I remember the fear

and then I remember

  • the patriotism that flooded the nation
  • the pride that looking at our flag could evoke
  • the friendliness that was more apparent on the streets

since then I remember

  • seeing a soldier and telling my kids that is what a hero looks like
  • seeing a soldier and tearfully telling them thanks as the nation forgot to remember and started protesting what was happening.
  • seeing soldiers walk through an airport and the entire place erupting in clapping and tears
  • seeing and knowing soldiers and their families who are still dealing with the repercussion of that day.
To all our military and their families all I can say is Thank You! To the people directly impacted from that day all I can say is I am sorry. To everyone else all I can say is this

I will never forget
I choose to never forget

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