Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Lesssons: Gratefulness

This Christmas season has already been a challenge for me. I adore Christmas and all that comes along with it. However I just can't get into it this year. We are somewhere new. No family in the area.  I feel lonely. I don't even want to give my kids presents (at certain moments of the day) as they don't seem to be grateful for the ones they have.

Gratefulness. There is so much in that word that doesn't come naturally for most of us...or at least me. It is one of the things I want to learn the most in my life. I want to be content with what I have and even more then that grateful for it. I don't want to care if we could have something bigger or better or more of  something. I want to be thoroughly happy and enjoy immensely what everything I have. Take nothing for granted.

So today I am choosing to be grateful.
Grateful to have family that loves me and are blessed with homes to keep them warm no matter where those homes are.
Grateful to have children who play with their toys that are littering their floors.
Grateful to have hands that can help them pick them up.
Grateful to have a home that our family can stretch out in and play in and share our love in.

Grateful for what I have.
At this moment.
In my home.
In my heart.

I found this video and just made me really ponder these things. They are grateful for cup of noodles and cards from strangers. Hence a few more things I am grateful for.

Grateful to have the freedom to walk out my door and to a mall and not have to worry about being blown up at a stoplight.
Grateful to be able to worship a Saviour that came to earth freely and with no fear.
Grateful because soldiers through time have spent their Christmas away from families so that I can have these freedoms.

So to these soldiers, on behalf of a grateful heart today, thank you from every corner of my heart!
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