Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 1 Lesson: Nothing is perfect the first time.

So today didn't turn out exactly how I planned but it certainly wasn't as bad as it could have been. For the most part our morning went according to plan...until English time.

We started off with back to school pictures. Yesterday, we went to Crazy 8 and picked out some fun little outfits for them to wear for the first day. I figure just because we are having school at home doesn't make it any less special. So this morning they got all dressed up and then right before worship posed in front of our front door. I think they look pretty cute!
Loo, Boo and Roo ready for first day of school!


We got started but I didn't take into account how hard it would be to balance teaching a 2nd grader, Kindergartener, and a "PK-3". Loo constantly wants my attention so that is something we will have to work on.

Handwriting really went well. I was very happy with both of the older girls pencil skills and their neatness with making their letters.

Roo finishing handwriting while Mommy teaches Loo her numbers.

Math went really well as well. They love Math-U-See. They really enjoyed working with the manipulatives. They both covered it really fast and were ready to move onto English.

Boo doing her Math sheet for today
 Then issue number 2 came up! The English program we are using (which is going to be fantastic) I had done some basic reading and thought I knew what I was doing. When it came time I realized I needed to spend a tad more time reading. So we did some basic workbook pages and I spent that time really reading a lot more intensely. Think I have it...think :).

We moved onto our Unit Study. This year our family is going to be studying America and all our states. I have written the entire thing myself. This part of the day went well.  This first week is studying about America, our symbols and basic map kind of stuff.

Unit Study project!
Today we learned about the cardinal directions (N, S, E & W) and even made up a little song about it. We then looked at the map and each kid took turns saying which direction we would go to get to visit different family and friends. Amazed at how quickly even Loo (3) caught on.

After that we made a craft I found on Pinterest. Each circle showed where they are in the big scheme of things. We started with our street then it moved onto: city, state, country and then our continent!

To find this craft idea you can find it here on my Pinterest board. We didn't do it exactly the same but they had fun with it!

So I think today went okish...hoping for a better day tomorrow :)


  1. Looks like a great first day! I'm sure you're a fun mommy-teacher :-) And the girls look adorable in their outfits. You've got yourself some models on your hands! Hope tomorrow goes even better than today!

  2. You make me want to go back to school:) What precious little ladies you have! Good job Alyssa!